Do you want to display artwork like a Pro? Read these easy steps!

Let’s display artwork like a pro!

For me, artwork is the cherry on top of all your decorating. It finishes off the space and brings a room together. Coming from a family of artists, hanging art at the proper height and proportions has been instilled in me.

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  • Measuring Tape

  • Pencil

  • Hammer

  • Screwdriver and/or Drill

  • Picture Hangers

  • Screws 

  • Painter's Tape

  • Tracing Paper

  • Silicone Bumpers

  • Level

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Whether you’re creating a gallery wall or using part of a wall for your artwork arrangement, for a symmetrical layout you’ll need to find the centre of the wall so the pictures are evenly balanced.

If your layout is asymmetrical you don’t need the wall’s centre.

Step 1 - Find the Width & Height of the Wall

Measure the width and height of the wall where you’re hanging artwork. If you’re using the entire wall, you’ll also need to find the centre of the wall.

For the width:

  • Place your tape measure along the baseboard measuring the wall from end to end

  • Divide this number by two, for example 10 ÷ 2 = is 5 feet

  • Using a pencil, mark the halfway point on the wall above the baseboard and at the top of the wall

For the height:

  • Measure the wall from floor to ceiling

  • Divide this number by two, for example 8 ÷ 2 = 4 feet

  • Mark the halfway point with a pencil

Step 2 - Intersect the Width & Height Measurements

Using the marked width and height halfway points, match up the width marks (top and bottom) with the height mark (floor to ceiling) and mark the wall with a pencil at 4 feet. 

This is the centre of the wall. Measure the layout from this centre point for each side of your symmetrical artwork layout.

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Gallery Wall Tip

Lay artwork on craft paper, trace each piece & mark hanging points. Tape the paper on the wall & hammer in the nails. Remove paper & hang art!

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Use these 3 Quick Measurements

57” to 60” Ideal height for art on a wall

3” to 6” Ideal distance between art pieces

6” to 8” Ideal distance between bottom of art and top of furniture

1. Ideal Height for Art on a Wall

The centre of artwork should be 57” to 60” from the floor. If you’re hanging a gallery wall you’ll need to find the visual centre of the arrangement (see above to find the centre of a wall).

2. Ideal Distance Between Art Pieces

Leave 3” to 6” between art pieces so the frames relate to each other. If you leave too little, art looks crowded and too much it loses its visual impact.

3. Ideal Distance Between Bottom of Art & Top of Furniture

Allow 6” to 8” between the top of furniture and the bottom of artwork (measure the back of the furniture piece for height).

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Sofas & Beds

  • Allow 6” to 8” between the top of furniture and the bottom of artwork

  • Put large art or a group of artwork in the centre above large furniture

  • The art or group of artwork should be no more than 2/3 or 75% the width of the furniture

  • If the group of artwork is not centred, ensure it is symmetrical so it doesn’t overpower the furniture

Side Tables & Night Stands

  • These tables usually feature a lamp and/or accessories

  • Hang artwork at eye level or 57” to 60” from the floor

Bookcases & Chests

  • This wall space is a great opportunity for a piece of art or a grouping of artwork

  • Use the 6” to 8” rule in this case

Console Tables

  • These tables feature a lamp, two lamps on either end, a centre piece or accessories

  • Make the artwork part of the vignette and place it a minimum 6” above tables


  • This is a focal point of a room

  • Make the art or artwork group the same size as the fireplace opening for visual impact

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Now that your artwork is displayed like a Pro…

Sit back and admire your work!

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