Holiday Decorating

Seasons Greetings Style Mavens!

Decorating for the holidays can be daunting but don't worry, I've put together a series of decorating tips to get your home ready for the festive season!

Yellow Labrador Retriever-Christmas Tree-Style Maven Decor Interior Design-Edmonton Canada

Choose a Theme

Every great design project starts with a theme that ties all the decorating elements together to make a huge impact. There are many styles to choose from such as:

  1. Traditional

  2. Rustic

  3. Contemporary

  4. Glam

  5. Coastal

I'm from the Kootenay mountains but love city life too so I combine Rustic & Glam. Add a Labrador named Finn & it's the perfect theme for me!

Christmas Ornaments-Style Maven Decor Interior Design-Edmonton Canada

Select a Colour Scheme  

Once you've nailed down your theme you're ready to choose a colour scheme! There are many colour combinations depending on your theme. If you're going for a Traditional look use red, green & gold. Looking for something more Contemporary? Do all white or add rose gold, silver or black for a Contemporary Glam look. The colour choices are endless! 

For my Rustic Glam theme I chose teal, silver & red to compliment my everyday decor.

Decorating Plan

Now that you've got your theme & your colour scheme, let's create a plan to execute your holiday design! Start by checking your lights to ensure they're in working order. Next up, view your existing decorative items including ornaments. Discard broken ones, donate unwanted ones and shop for new ornaments & decor to complete the look.

If you like a Traditional holiday feel, you’ll need a tree, wreath, stockings, pine cones, poinsettias & ornaments. For a Contemporary look, keep decor items minimal & stay within your chosen colour palette.

To finish off my Rustic Glam theme I added lanterns, wood elements & sparkly decor. 

Tree Decorating

  1. Choose a low traffic location near an outlet

  2. Start your lights at the top - 1000 lights/6 feet

  3. Start your garland at the top as well & work your way down - 2 strands/vertical tree foot

  4. Use a variety of ornaments spread evenly

  5. Add a topper & a tree skirt 

  6. I also like to coordinate my wrapping paper & ribbon with my tree and other decor

Last but not least, have fun decorating your home this holiday season!

Family-Christmas-Style Maven Decor Interior Design-Edmonton Canada

As we head into this busy season, I hope you enjoy time with your family & friends. Wishing you a fun filled holiday season from my family to yours!

Happy holidays!